6 Day Detox Kit - Renews & Enhances Liver

6 Day Detox Kit - Renews & Enhances Liver

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6 Day Detox Kit is designed to renew and enhance the body’s cleansing and detoxification capabilities. It combines four specially selected XYMOGEN formulations: ColonX™, Drainage™, ProbioMax® Daily DF, and OptiCleanse® GHI. When taken together, as recommended within the 6-Day Detox Guide, these complementary formulas work in concert to encourage the various detox-linked systems and organs of the body to process and eliminate waste and toxins.*


6 Day Detox Kit includes 1 bottle of OptiCleanse GHI Vanilla Delight, 1 bottle of ColonX 60c, 1 carton of ProbioMax Daily DF 30c, 1 bottle of Drainage 1 fl oz, and 1 20 oz Shaker Bottle.


Supports Natural Detoxification Mechanisms* 

Helps Maintain a Healthy Intestinal Microecology* 

Supports the Body’s Natural Immune Response* 

Supports a Balanced Cytokine Profile* 

Supports Digestion, Assimilation, and Elimination* 

Supports Lactose Digestion* 

Promotes Gastrointestinal Health, Motility, Stool Bulk, and Bowel Regularity*