Klean Electrolytes

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Klean Electrolytes by Klean Athlete is a NSF Certified for Sport supplement providing specific nutrients in capsule form to help replenish electrolytes and retain hydration during or after exercise. They supply sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium to help replenish electrolytes and retain hydration. Electrolytes are important for many reasons and help to maintain a normal balance of fluids within the body. They assist is maintaining a balance, of pressure between the inside and outside of cells and help to support the systems that regulate blood pressure. Hydration and electrolyte balance are also critical to nerve and muscle function.


Each bottle of Klean Electrolytes contains 120 capsules which are primarily made up of 7 mg of Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal-5-phosphate), 25 mg of Calcium (as calcium chelate), 25 mg of Magnesium (as magnesium chelate), 40 mg of Sodium (as sodium chloride), 25 mg of Potassium (as potassium chelate), and 60 mg of Chloride (as sodium chloride).


  • Added vitamin B-6 helps escort electrolytes into the cells, where they're needed most
  • Capsule form allows for easy custom dosing
  • Clinically useful amounts of each electrolyte
  • NSF Certified for Sport®
  • Prevent muscle cramping so you can finish
  • Prolong energy during long hot events
  • Ensure regulated hydration and organ function in long events

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Take only capsule after, before, or during your workout but if you suffer from any medical conditions, it is most suggested that you consult a fitness expert, trainer, or physician before starting on the capsules.
  • Excess consumption of electrolytes may cause muscle cramping or diarrhea