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Total Enzymes is a supplement that contains— you guessed it— enzymes‚ and a lot of them too! With over half a dozen plant enzymes‚ these capsules are able to provide several key benefits to promote digestive health. The plant enzymes used in Total Enzymes are unique because—unlike most animal-derived or naturally occurring enzymes—they’re able to work in the stomach‚ in addition to the small intestine. Most enzymes created by the human body or animals are only capable of working in the small intestine.

The enzymes in Total Enzymes include:

Amylase‚ which is mainly used to break down carbohydrates‚ although it’s also used as an anti-inflammatory.

Protease‚ which is actually a group of enzymes‚ breaks down proteins. This is done by breaking the peptide bonds and releasing important amino acids from the protein‚ in order for them to be absorbed by your body.

The function of lipase is to break down fat (lipid) molecules. It also plays an important role in digesting fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A‚ vitamin D‚ and vitamin E. A lipase deficiency can raise cholesterol and triglyceride levels‚ while also causing you to have low levels of the previously mentioned vitamins.

Malt diastase is an enzyme that helps your body break down carbohydrates for absorption. Diastase is the natural form of amylase, therefore, allowing it to assist in its functions. Like other enzymes‚ it helps promote a healthy digestive system.

Lactase is one of the most well-known enzymes. It’s responsible for breaking down lactose. If you’re lactose intolerant‚ it means that you don’t have enough of the lactase enzymes needed to properly consume dairy products and other lactose-containing foods.

Cellulase isn’t produced in the body at all—the only sources are food or supplements. The problem is that cellulose can only be found in raw food‚ which many of us do not eat on a daily basis. Cellulase helps you digest cellulose‚ a nutrient that your body struggles with. This makes cellulase a vital part of your daily diet. A deficiency in cellulase can lead to a number of health conditions involving the intestines and nervous system.

Your digestive system must have the proper balance of enzymes in order to digest and absorb the nutrients it needs. This 120 capsule bottle should last you for a couple of months‚ depending on how many capsules you take with each meal. Nutri West makes the highest quality products with your health in mind; that’s why Total Enzymes contains no starch‚ salt‚ sugar‚ wheat‚ corn‚ yeast‚ soy‚ milk‚ gluten‚ or preservatives.

Nutriwest - take 1 capsule per meal